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Look, I need help. This is going to sound crazy, but I am trying to partner with a charitable organization, any charitable organization, that is doing work regarding bullying and/or cyber bullying. I have reached out to several organizations via e-mail and explained that I am looking to become an ambassador for the cause, and every single one that has responded, has responded no. And those are the ones that have responded. Some haven’t even replied!

Let me be clear what I am offering. I am willing to do any or all of the following:

  • Donate my own money
  • Donate my time (speaking, organizing, fundraising, etc.)
  • Fundraise via my racing, my future merchandise, and my future virtual races
  • Wear the organization’s gear during my runs to help spread the message
  • Blog, Vlog, and use my various social media
  • Anything else that is within reason

What I would like in return is fairly straight forward and simple, I think. I would like to be an official ambassador so that I can use the organizations logo for marketing and possibly have some support to help with my fundraising efforts and any potential events where I can volunteer or speak. It seems to me that if I was an official partner of an organization, they would be able to point me in the right direction for these types of events. This would help me to be much more effective in my charitable efforts as the logistics piece will take much less time with their support. That would allow me to focus on my training for events like the Devil Dog Ultras, where I will leverage the event in to fundraising. I am a runner, not a professional organizer.

So, I am asking if anyone reading this either works for an organization, or knows someone who works for an organization, that is trying to address bullying and wants to partner with a bad ass, high frequency, ultra-running, fund raising machine? If you do, please help me connect. My e-mail is joe.randene@joerandene.com and I am locked and ready to go.

There are way too many instances of bullying and cyber bullying that are leading to people who are stressed out, depressed, and in worst case scenarios suicidal. At this point in our history, you would hope that we would all know better and that we would treat each other with kindness and respect. However, lately I have observed many instances where it has been just the opposite. Bullies have been emboldened by our politicians (unfortunately) and the anonymity that the internet provides. And all too often the targets of these types of attacks are children and people that may be considered “different” based on traits ranging from sexual preference to something as simple as the clothes that they wear. It’s time to help create an environment of acceptance and love and I want to do my part. HELP ME PLEASE!


Joe the Runner

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