Welcome, my name is Joe Randene, and I am just a normal guy with a family and a job who decided to get back in to shape. I created this blog to share stories like mine to inspire people so they can find the strength they need to achieve their goals.

This is our mission: “Our mission is to help people realize that they are capable of more than they think by creating a global community where people share their stories and provide support to each other on their journeys.”

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I’m Published! My Article in Running Junction Magazine

Great news, I am now a regular writer for the quarterly magazine Running Junction! My segment is all about trail running, and I couldn’t be more excited. The magazine is funded by Junction 311 Endurance Sports. They create running events and take a portion of the proceeds and donate to various charities. They are a …

Long Run Nutrition and Training Update for the Devil Dog Ultras 100 Miler VLOG15

This VLOG is a quick discussion on what I do in regards to nutrition for my long runs and an update on the first block of training for the Devil Dog Ultras 100 Miler. If you have any questions, comment here or on the YouTube channel! Don’t forget to give it a THUMBS UP! Subscribe …


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