How That Guy Became This Guy Part 1 (Post 1)

Welcome to my blog! That felt weird. I always thought that you shouldn’t start a blog unless you have something to say, right? Well, I guess I have something to say. But what? And why? I guess the reason that I decided to do this was to share a story, or more precisely, share MY story, so that everyday people with jobs, and kids, and other commitments can see that they can get healthy, lose weight, and accomplish crazy things too. It is possible. However, I need to come clean right up front on a couple of things.

1) I am not a writer, so this could all completely suck and I am not qualified to know if it does! That being said, when I started this journey, I wasn’t a runner either. And now, just three years later, I have run three 10k’s, 4 half marathons, 3 marathons, and one ultra marathon (28 miles, but it counts!). So hopefully I won’t suck too bad and I SHOULD get better.

2) This is not a get skinny, fit, happy, (place own adjective here) fast thing. In fact, what I learned was the stuff they taught us back in school as kids about nutrition and exercise all still basically applies today. Sad I know, but stay with me on nutrition and I’ll share my thoughts on it when the time comes.

3) Finally, while I am doing this to hopefully help people see that they can achieve their goals, I kind of think that I am doing this to hold my self accountable too.

Ok, that was full disclosure, so now we can start! How did the guy on the left become the guy on the right? I can remember the EXACT moment that I made my mind up. Not like literally to the second, but pretty damn close. It was the last week of May 2014, and my wife and I had just came back from a vacation. Like most couples on most vacations, we ate too much, we drank too much, and we certainly didn’t move a whole bunch! We had a great time! My alarm goes off and it is about four in the morning because I had a very early flight to catch. As I am buttoning my shirt (a better way to put it might be, as I was attempting to button my shirt), I realize that it is very tight. Like you can see flesh between the buttons tight. And then it happened. Right there and then a switch went off. As I sat on the edge of my bed, weighing 330 pounds, and not fitting in to my “fat clothes”, I decided something had to change. I was 44 years old, overweight, and extremely out of shape. I decided to run.

Now, I cannot tell you how this kind of stuff happens for everyone, but what I can tell you is that for me, the biggest changes in my life, or maybe a more correct way of saying it is the changes that I have made that have “stuck”, are the ones that happen with a lightening strike. The switch goes off, an epiphany if you will. I made up my mind in that moment, and I knew that I was going to change my life. So I tell my wife that I am packing some sneakers to run in and that I am going to start running and eating healthy. Now, it’s four in the morning, she is barely awake, and just kind of “ok honey, that’s good”s me. I couldn’t blame her, how could she know I was serious?

In the bag goes my sneakers, because I had no running shoes at the time obviously, and off I go.

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17 Replies to “How That Guy Became This Guy Part 1 (Post 1)”

  1. Great transformation Joe. I would have never guessed when I met you and Mary in August 2015 that you weren’t always in such good shape! Very inspirational!!

    1. Thanks Geralynne! I guess that’s why I decided to give this a go. I truly believe anyone can do it, and I hope this helps them see that!

  2. you definitely gave me a lot of strength and inspiration at a time I needed it the most..for that I will always be grateful, love and miss you lots !!!

    1. Thank you! I’m learning as I go. Word Press has been pretty straight forward and the internet is filled with tutorials.

  3. I love it Joe! “I made up my mind in that moment, and I knew that I was going to change my life”…..damn…I can soooo relate to that. Great job on your accomplishments thus far!

    1. Chris, thanks for the comment. I hope you read the latest post on the Goal Achievement Pyramid, because I discuss how even though there was that moment of clarity, I think there was a process that led to it. For me, I was doing a lot of soul searching and reflecting, and then BOOM! The switch flipped and I never looked back. If there is anything I can do to help you let me know. PEACE Joe the Runner

    2. Oh, one other thing! I am working on sharing Chris’ story, so stay tuned and you will learn about Chris’ journey through weight loss and a healthier life! AMAZING!!!

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