Ask Joe the Runner VLOG12

This VLOG covers a range of topics from shoes, beginning your running journey, resting heart rate, and 100,000 steps in a day, plus more! It’s a long one and it is basically a Q&A session with my followers. If there is a good response to this VLOG, we’ll follow it up with another “Ask Joe the Runner”.

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2 Replies to “Ask Joe the Runner VLOG12”

  1. Thx Joe for sharing.. Very informative and helpful. Perhaps in another session. You could address what to expect on your first trail race/run especially if you have only run races and training on the treadmill or road. Also, how to prepare for a trail run if you can only train on the treadmill or road. How to run “hills” on the treadmill.

    I have a half marathon in May a few?? of the miles are at a 6% decline. Currently, I run a few minutes at the end of most of my treadmill runs at 3% decline (that is what my treadmill allows)— good idea or bad idea. I run all of my treadmill runs at 1.5% to mimic road races—seems to work for me. Thoughts. Previously I have tried to run at 2-5% or mimic hill training. Thoughts? Sometimes, as a rest day I try to hike on treadmill—I have a NordicTrack “tread climber.” Thoughts.

    1. Rose, nice to hear from you. I would love to VLOG on trails vs. roads and how to try and train for trails with limited exposure to them. In regards to your treadmill questions, I would suggest that you run at the 1.5% grade to mimic roads and the 3% down grade is a great idea as well. the 2-5% grade for hills is good, but I prefer to separate my hill sessions from my normal runs IF I’m using the treadmill. So my suggestion would be to have specific hill sessions planned, and then pump up the incline. On off days, there is absolutely nothing wrong with “hiking” on the tread climber. That is a great workout! Peace. Joe

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