Grab a Beer or Coffee with Me (Post 11)

The other day I was talking to my graphic designer, Karen, who is working on my logo, and I am so excited! The stuff she has been working on for me all looks awesome and once we finalize the logo design, we’ll have it up on the blog. We were discussing how successful the blog’s first week was and she said, “You know, when I read it, I feel like I’m just sitting and talking to you. It’s like we’re having a beer or coffee.” And I thought “Hmmm. I’m not a writer, so I’m just throwing out the stuff that’s in my head.” I don’t think that I was going for anything with the way I write, but I’ll take it. If it feels like we’re chatting, good. So, grab a beer or a coffee, I’ve got mine, and let’s have a chat.

In one of my earlier posts on my mission statement, I said something along the lines of “I don’t want to be your friend on Facebook; I want to be your friend.” Let me expound on that a bit. This is what I mean. On a lot of the social media sites, you will see the typical split screen “before” and “after” shots of someone who lost a ton of weight, or completed a triathlon, or some other great feat. These pictures in and of themselves are inspiring. And in this “like it” or “cheer it” world, we are all quick to give the pic a thumbs up and move on. However, when I see those photos, I start to wonder, “What is this person’s story? Who are they? What makes them tick? What can I learn from that? How does it relate to me or the people who are reading my blog?”

Typical Before and After Pic, But What is the Story?

Connection is a very strong emotion in us human beings. When we hear a story that reminds us of our story, we know we are not in it alone and feel motivated to keep going. Time and time again, as I listen or observe people that are doing amazing things with their lives, I can see things that I can relate to or use to keep pushing me towards my goals.

In regards to weight and living a healthy lifestyle, there is story upon story where a person has battled with their weight their whole life. They may have actually lost a bunch of weight once or twice and then put it all back on again plus some. There is a reason people use words like battle, because for many people that is exactly what it is. But it’s a battle that can be won. And thankfully, there are many examples of people who have done just that, and maintained their weight loss and healthy lifestyle. There is a lot to learn from their stories. And I plan on sharing more and more of those stories here.

Many people just kind of realize that while they are living a good life, they are missing that “something” that makes you want to float out of bed in the morning. Sound familiar? While most people will just plod along, pay the bills, and live for the weekend, some just up and quit and go chase a dream! I’ll be sharing these types of stories too, because those people are out there and can provide us with an education that you probably would struggle to get from an MBA. No doubt it’s scary to go for it, but they are happier spending their time doing what they love, then simply punching a clock. Time, after all, is the only thing that you cannot replace. So choose carefully what you do with yours.

Finally, there are stories of people who have overcome devastating situations, illness, or injury and go on to live their lives to the fullest possible potential. How do they do that? What makes them different? It’s all there in their stories. My brother-in-law Chris was generous enough to share his story, and I am sure that there will be others, and I am looking forward to hearing and sharing them. When we see people that beat mind boggling odds to flourish and live, we are humbled and realize that anything is possible.

Ok then. Grab your beer or coffee. Get comfortable. And let me tell you a story…

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